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Developmental Editing

My feedback is always thorough, honest and speaks to what the author intended for the work.

My editorial services are for those who have a rough draft of a manuscript, whether in its initial stage or very much near completion. A developmental edit will critically appraise what is (and is not) working within your manuscript. My feedback is always thorough, honest and speaks to what the author intended for the work. I can assist in making your submission fuller by paying attention to (and questioning) the who, what, when, where, and why of your story. 

My developmental editing service comes with the following:

Line edits 

Line edits provide a microscopic view of what is happening in your story. They are helpful in identifying where, specifically, there are discrepancies in character or plot, and they can highlight where clichés or poor word choice has been used. They also focus on places where more clarification or even reduction may be needed. Line edits are comprehensive and help writers tighten up any piece of work.


While line edits look at the precise details of your writing, the summary looks at the bigger picture, discussing what works and what could be revamped with more depth. The summary is where I spend time fleshing out the impact and tempo of the manuscript. I provide suggestions as to how elements of the story (such as character and voice, dialogue and pacing, structure and point of view) could be improved. I also ask questions to help you arrive at more clarity. Summaries will be typed and range between 1-6 pages. 

Please take a look at Pricing for more information. 

All feedback is returned either electronically or by post. I aim to return all comments one week to a month from receipt of your manuscript depending on word count. 

I also offer a chance to discuss your work after feedback has been returned, either in-person, if based in London, or over the phone.

Please refer to my Terms and Conditions for submission instructions.



"I have worked with Jennifer on two books over a period of about two years. Her feedback is gentle but firm, intelligent, and insightful. Particularly good on structure and pace, she is always clear-sighted and her approach always constructive." 

Sam Angus, bestselling children's author

"Jennifer’s feedback has been invaluable to me. Her honest, critical, nurturing approach has often helped me push my writing in the right direction. If it wasn’t for Jennifer’s guidance, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to submit one of my stronger stories into a competition."

Zara Miller, Bristol Prize 2016 Shortlisted Nominee

"As a newcomer to the writing process, the feedback of Jennifer’s has been insightful, intelligent and encouraging; she is very attuned to a writer's needs, and can respond with appropriate assertiveness and truthfulness that is always helpful and respectful. She delivers her assessments in a measured and articulate way, which purposefully does not stifle creativity with personal tastes and viewpoints. The quality of my writing has increased exponentially, both in practical and stylistic terms, and I am in no doubt that this is due to Jennifer's constructive input."

Fiongal Greenlaw, Fashion Designer