Writing Coach

The Writing Coach service is much more than a working relationship.


My role as a writing coach is to assist in bringing your manuscript to life as your first and dedicated reader. I help you manage your time and track your progress from the planning phase through to final edits, depending on the length of your contract.


It takes dedication but also encouragement to put together a book length manuscript. It also takes regular practice, though oftentimes our schedules (and our critical voices) get in the way. 

The Writing Coach service is much more than a working relationship. My hope is that a friendship is developed, one centred around a mutual love of writing and literature. 

The Writing Coach service comes with the following:

Creation of an action plan for our time together

Our first in-person meeting entails discussing aims and goals. Why do you feel you need a writing coach? How far along are you in the writing process? What do you hope to have at the end of our time together? We then create an outline of tasks to be implemented week to week. Whether you commit to three months, six months, or a year, your work adds up to material to work with in the future, a rough draft or a final manuscript.

Weekly homework assignments & submission deadlines

Homework assignments and submission deadlines will look different for each individual. During our first meeting, a proposed writing practice will be mapped out. It is helpful to think about when and where you write best, as this will be part of your new routine.


Assignments and submission deadlines are turned in and reviewed each week. Not only do you have to write, you also receive continual feedback throughout the process. My feedback helps you pay closer attention to how elements of your story develop within your manuscript. 

Once we have a rough and/or a final draft, you receive a full developmental edit at the end of our time together.

Meetings in London (or video sessions) to engage in exercises and writing time 

The Writing Coach service automatically comes with three in-person meetings in London (or video sessions if you are abroad). These sessions include our first planning meeting, a mid-point review and a final review.

If you have a more flexible schedule, I am happy to meet in-person a little more regularly to engage in writing time together, but this will be prearranged in our initial meeting. 

I am also available for phone calls and regular email correspondence. 

I encourage anyone interested in this service to really think about how they envision our time together. Please take the time to jot down your goals and ideas.

Please take a look at Pricing for more information. 



Who needs a writing coach?

You work best with deadlines

You have ideas in your head but not enough motivation, time, or confidence to fully realise your next manuscript

You have a work-in-progress but have no idea how to put it all together

You have a work-in-progress but doubt whether it is any good 

You benefit from regular guidance and support


What genres do you specialise in?

I have read and given feedback on both literary and experimental fiction and have also worked closely with a children’s novelist writing for kids 9-12. I have also worked with writers who love fusing genres together such as poetry and non-fiction. My desire is to work with those whose work speaks directly to me and this is why I ask to see a short extract of your work before we begin.


Do you offer discounts?

I am happy to offer a discount for those who are interested in committing to at least 6 months to a year. 

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