New year, new you? Why not try a 'Flexible Coaching' writing session?

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Writing Coach

The Writing Coach service is much more than a working relationship.

My role as a writing coach is to assist in bringing your manuscript to life as your first and dedicated reader. I help manage your time and track your progress from the planning phase through to final edits. 

It takes dedication but also encouragement to put together a book length manuscript. It also takes regular practice, though oftentimes our schedules and our critical voices get in the way!

The Writing Coach service is much more than a working relationship. My hope is that a friendship is developed, one centred around a mutual love of writing and literature.

Flexible Coaching

This option is perfect for those needing a taster or a few sessions of one-to-one tuition to jump-start your writing goals. You decide how often to meet without the 3 or 7-month long commitment. Perhaps you need to brainstorm aloud or review an existing project. Maybe you need guidance on structure or exercises to get your juices flowing. These meetings are two hours long and packed full of intention.   

Long-term Coaching 

I also offer 3-month and 7-month coaching options, which can be extended on a monthly basis. Both coaching options come with regular homework assignments and submission deadlines. Not only do you have to write, you also receive continual feedback every step of the way. Feedback helps you pay closer attention to how elements of your story grow and develop. It highlights your strong suits but also reveals facets of your writing that need more attention and nurturing. It also better prepares you for any other writing you might do in the future. Feedback will always be emailed or printed out and handed to you during meetings.

Our first in-person (or Skype) meeting entails discussing aims and goals. Why do you need a writing coach? How far along are you in the writing process? What do you hope to have at the end of our time together? Some writers want to tap into more inspiration or creativity, and others want to learn how to be more disciplined in their craft. Others seek publication and want a good rough draft to pitch to agents and publishers. 

Meetings can either take place face-to-face in London or via Skype.

3-Month Service

The 3-month option is mainly for those focusing on shorter works such as short stories or creative non-fiction. We meet at the beginning and end of each month to engage in writing exercises and discuss assignments/feedback. There will be a period of two weeks between our meetings for either development or revision of work. This service would appeal to those with a busy schedule looking to write more regularly (and to a deadline) during the week/weekend. 

Every month includes:

  • 2 x two-hour meetings full of writing exercises and discussions 
  • Two weeks of writing development and/or editing to deadline
  • Extensive feedback on stories during first and/or second draft stage 
  • Reading of other short story collections or creative non-fiction as research

7-Month Service

The 7-month option is mainly for those looking to write a rough draft of a novel, a collection of short stories, or a longer work of creative non-fiction in a concentrated period of time. We spend 6-months putting down and shaping as much of the material as possible with the seventh month reserved for a developmental edit. This service is perfect for those who have more flexibility in their schedule. It also works for people who are passionate about their project.


Every month includes:

  • Biweekly 2-hour meetings full of writing exercises and discussions 
  • Weekly writing assignments and deadlines
  • Continuous feedback and discussion on progress
  • Reading of other novels or creative non-fiction as research
  • Potential field trips 
  • A developmental edit on the entire manuscript  


I ask all potential clients to submit 3000-5000 words before our first meeting to assess if we are a good fit.


I encourage anyone interested in this service to really think about how they envision our time together. Please take the time to jot down your goals and ideas. 

Have any more questions? Contact me here. I would love to hear from you.  

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FAQ & Testimonials

Who needs a writing coach?

You work best with deadlines.

You have ideas in your head but not enough motivation, time, or confidence to fully realise your next manuscript.

You have a work-in-progress but have no idea how to put it all together.

You have a work-in-progress but doubt whether it is any good. 

You benefit from regular guidance and support.


What genres do you specialise in?

I've read and given feedback on both literary and experimental fiction and have worked closely with a children’s novelist writing for kids 9-12. I've worked with writers who love fusing genres together such as poetry and non-fiction. My desire is to work with those whose work speaks directly to me. This is why I ask to see a short extract of your work before we begin.


"I didn't know what to expect from a partnership with a professional reader. What I found with Jennifer was someone who worked with me to draw out my best creative writing and to help me push away from lazy plot lines. She came to the work with a unique skillset of compassion, empathy and professionalism and met me where I was: nervous, self-doubting and suffering quite badly from Imposter syndrome. She was attuned to the genre I was grappling with and what I adore most about Jennifer is her ability to help keep my manuscript authentic to where I was coming from. She is a gifted editor in this sense. She challenges the work and encourages the work in equal measure and without her guidance I would never have gotten to a good first draft because it is all too easy to give up and put the writing away and never finish the project."

Christine de Leon

“Thanks so much for your feedback and comments. I feel that your coaching has greatly helped me to understand the writing process and improve my writing skills with a greater awareness of intention, narrative perspective and language. I look forward to working with you in the forthcoming months.”

Ogu Nnachi 

"Jennifer's input has enabled me to develop my writing in a much more focused way. She is able to quickly identify what the work needs to achieve its full potential and develops tailored exercises, which have already triggered so many ideas. Jennifer's structured approach has allowed me to really explore my writing abilities and think much more creatively about what I am trying to convey."

Alicia Mietus, Winner of the QMUL Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2019 (Fiction)