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Ghostwriting, Coaching, and Editorial Services

Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality & Trust

Any information given to me such as email, telephone number and address will never be passed on to third parties. I will also never steal, borrow or use your work or the ideas in them for my own purposes nor will I share them with others. If you are concerned about this, I can offer client references who can attest to my integrity. We can also arrange to speak over the phone to discuss concerns.  

Services Rendered & Publishing Advice

'Let Me Read For You' is a collaboration between you - the writer - and I - the developmental editor and writing coach. What I share with you are tools to help strengthen and enrich your prose from the lense of both a writer, an MFA graduate, and someone who has more than ten years experience providing feedback on the work of others from all levels, experiences and walks of life. My focus is on the creative side of writing and not the business of publishing. I do not offer advice regarding the publishing industry but can direct you to reputable agencies and organisations who can help.  

Contractual Agreements

Once we decide to work together, I send an invoice to be paid in full in order for work to commence. All fees are in GBP and are paid via bank transfer. If you have signed up for a writing coach agreement, the first instalment is to be paid in advance and the second instalment is to be paid one month after.

If you are abroad please contact me for more information.  


Full or partial refunds will only be issued if I am unable to complete work as per our agreement. Due to the time and effort I give to your work, unfortunately no refunds will be issued for any reason whatsoever. Before you commit to payment please contact me for any questions you may have.  

Submission Guidelines

Please send all submissions to me in the following format:

  • 12 point font 
  • Times New Roman or Arial font 
  • Double spaced 
  • Numbered pages 

Manuscripts can be sent to me electronically or printed and sent to me by post. If you would like me to print your manuscript, I will include printing costs in my fee invoice. 

Please include the following on the title page:

  • Word count
  • Title of manuscript 
  • Full name 
  • Telephone number 
  • Address (if you would like your document sent to you by post)
  • A self addressed envelope with sufficient postage (if feedback is returned by post)